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The information below was sent via email to our community last night.  We are posting it here just in case you did not receive the email.  

Good Evening Muraoka Parents and Families,

We are excited to announce that our school district has officially set our Hybrid Reopening Date for students to return to campus on Monday, April 12th.

We know with this announcement that our community has many questions. The following are steps we are taking to make this transition as smooth as possible for all students and families.

A few reminders regarding Hybrid Reopening are:

  • In person instruction is approximately 155 minutes in either an AM or PM session. Student arrival and dismissal time will bring this to around 3 hours each day on campus Monday-Thursday. Friday’s will be Distance Learning for 155 minutes of synchronous instruction.
  • You may choose to have your child(ren) remain in Distance Learning for the remainder of the school year.
  • There will be re-rostering to accommodate family’s choice of in person vs. distance learning options. We will make every effort to maintain consistency, however this is a reality of the Hybrid Model.
  • Students cannot be on campus in the Hybrid Model and participate in a distance learning class to maintain their same teacher.

During Parent Teacher Conferences your child’s current classroom teacher will share the following:

  • Your choice for In-Person Hybrid Instruction or Distance Learning Instruction as indicated on your survey response.
  • Confirmation of your preference of AM or PM cohort if you chose In-Person Hybrid Instruction. Please know that this is not finalized or definitive. To accommodate all students planning on returning, families who preferred AM may be placed in a PM cohort.
  • Finally, they will share with you their tentative assignment of teaching In-person Hybrid or Distance Learning when we reopen on April 12th

Our goal is to share Hybrid AM/PM assignments and any roster changes by Monday, April 5th, at the latest.

A virtual parent informational coffee chat regarding our reopening plans is scheduled for Thursday, March 25th at two times- 1:00 pm and 5:30 pm. This will include our arrival and dismissal procedures, daily cleaning procedures, and videos showing our current classroom layouts and more. Please know that when we reopen, no visitors or parents will be allowed on campus due to safety regulations, so we will be making every effort to share as much as possible with you before we reopen.

As your site leaders, we will do our best to communicate updates, plans, roster assignments and more in a timely manner as we get closer to our return date.

We are beyond excited to have students back on campus! Please make sure to be on the lookout for links to our resources and upcoming meetings. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Stay Safe,

Dr. Erin Mahoney, Principal

Mrs. Crystal Sutton, Associate Principal

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