Weekly Bulletin 8/29

Muraoka Families,

The highlight of the week was certainly the APEX Fun Run on Thursday! Thank you to all our families and donors for making it so memorable for our Momongas! Our final numbers are not in, but it is estimated that we raised over 130,000 dollars, incredible! We appreciate all your support with our biggest fundraiser of the school year. Please read our parent bulletin carefully as we have included some important reminders.

Visits and Phone Calls to Front Office:

Our front office staff is incredibly busy servicing the families’ of 1115 students. We love our Momonga community but would like to remind you to limit your visits and calls to essential business only. Please refer to our SchoolDojo, ClassDojo or Muraoka blog for information on release times, schedules, and upcoming events. Thank you in advance for sending your child to school with their lunch/snack/water in hand as we do not have the staff to deliver lunches or water bottles to classrooms throughout the day.

Early release:

We receive daily requests for early release of students. We ask that you try to schedule appointments after school when possible and remember that if your child is being pulled out of school early, their absence is unexcused unless accompanied by a doctor’s note.

Traffic and Safety

It takes all our entire community to help uphold the safety expectations.  When we do not, it compromises the safety of everyone, but most importantly, the safety of our students.  If you are interested in volunteering to help with traffic control, please email felicitas.rayray@cvesd.org

Here are a few important reminders:

  • Walk to school if you can!
  • Muraoka has only ONE drop off loop: the southern parking lot directly in front of the front office.
  • Red Curbs – “as required under California Vehicle Code Section 21458(a)(1), a curb painted red shall indicate no stopping, standing, or parking whether the vehicle is attended or unattended.” 
  • Yellow curbs are for loading and unloading only – cars should not be parked and left unattended.  If you are on a yellow curb, you should be in your vehicle.
  • Use crosswalks for crossing the street and parking lot.
  • When dropping students off, please be sure that they exit the vehicle on the right so that they get out directly onto the sidewalk closest to the school building.
  • Follow traffic patterns and do not double park along parking spaces.

Thank you for your help in keeping our parking lot and neighbor safe, which ultimately keeps our students safe.

Sports Teams @ Muraoka:

Are you interested in coaching a sport at Muraoka? We are lucky to be a part of the largest Elementary Intramural Sports Lleague in the nation! These are the sports offered this fall that would compete against other CVESD schools:

  • Girls and Boys Volleyball
  • Co-ed Kickball
  • Co-ed Flag Football

Please email Mrs. Rayray at felicitas.rayray@cvesd.org by September 2nd, 2022 if you are interested in coaching. The season for these 3 sports begins October 13, 2022.


Please use the link below to vote for our SSC candidate.


Upcoming Events

8/29 Safety Committee Meeting in MPR 3pm

8/31 Weekly Covid Clinic

9/1 Picture Day

9/2 School Wide Lock Down Drill

9/2 Safety Patrol Training with SRO

9/5 Labor Day No School

9/8 – BLAC MEETING @ 6 – 7 P.M.

9/9 Friar Friday Spirit Day

9/12 – 9/16 BOOK FAIR

9/13 Garden Bud Applications Due

9/26 – 10/7 – FALL BREAK

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.  Email is still the best way to reach us.

Mrs. Mazeau and Mrs. Rayray

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