New Dismissal Procedures

Muraoka Families,

Prior to our Winter Break, we mentioned in our Weekly Bulletin that there would be some modifications to our dismissal procedures to help ease foot traffic in front of the school. We are re-sending those procedures with some minor edits. Thank you for all that you do on a daily basis to keep our large population of students safe! We appreciate you!

Mrs. Mazeau and Mrs. Rayray

New Dismissal Procedures for 2023:

We are aware of the congestion our families experience during our daily dismissal. Beginning on January 10, 2023, you will experience some changes to 1st-6th grade dismissal procedures in hopes of mitigating some of the foot traffic in the front of the school. Please note that NO changes will be made to kindergarten dismissal. Kindergarten dismissal will remain the same as kindergarten requires a hand-to-hand release.  Here are some changes you will see on January 10, 2023, for students in grades 1st-6th:

  1. Gates will open after kindergarten dismissal but prior to 1st-6th grade dismissal. This will allow our families to walk onto campus to meet their student in a predesignated area selected by you (i.e., outside of building, benches, wall ball courts, play structure, side gate, front of school, car loop etc.)
  2. At 2:45, teachers in grades 1st-6th will dismiss students from the building but will NOT be walking students to the gate.
  3. Students are responsible for walking themselves to their designated pick-up area. For some, it may be straight to the car loop, for others, it may be the tree in front of the main gate. Parents may also wait near the building that their child will be released from but please note that there will not be any hand-to-hand release as this is only required for kindergarten students.
  4. There will be no changes for students who get picked up by car. Students who get picked up by car will proceed straight to the car loop after dismissal from their building.
  5. There will be no changes for students who walk home. Students who walk home will proceed directly off campus after dismissal from their building.
  6. ALL students and families are expected to proceed off campus as soon as pick up takes place. Unfortunately, there will not be any opportunities for students or families to linger on campus, no opportunities to stay and play on the playground, play structure, wall bar court etc.
  7. An announcement will be made at 3 pm directing all students remaining on campus to the front office. Identification is required when picking up front the front office.
  8. Please note that bicycles, scooters, skateboards, or pets cannot be brought onto campus at any time.
  9. ALL PETS must remain on the perimeter of Santa Alexia, Santa Diana, and Santa Victoria. Thank you for your cooperation as this is the pet protocol followed by all CVESD schools.

Thank you in advance for your daily support and compliance. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Mrs. Mazeau and Mrs. Rayray

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